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Announcing the next

Starseed Crystal Quest!

October 16-22, 2016


The area around Hot Springs, Arkansas is where most of the Atlantean crystals came from, and just before the end, Atlanteans returned to Arkansas with the records of Atlantis to be coded within the crystals there. Each crystal was programmed for retrieval by their bloodline descendants, who would carry the unlocking frequency in their DNA. One of these codes is their pledge, “Never Again Atlantis!” and another is the corresponding astrological frequencies of 25°, 26° and 27° of Aquarius and Leo, Capricorn and Cancer, Taurus, and Scorpio.

Atlantis was a Pleiadean project, and through her 35 years of direct contact, crystal mastership, and numerous assignments for the Pleiadean Council, as well as her own Atlantean soul records, Lavandar is leading selected soul groups, all with the Rites of Passage to go to the Hot Springs and Mt. Ida area to search for Atlantean coded crystals, and assist in the higher activations of each person’s crystal connections, as all have the Star Markings for Atlantis, Crystals or the Pleiades. Many of you have more than one of those.

If you feel the call of the Crystals, and want to know more;
crystals at starseedhotline dot com


Do you have any of these Star Markings at 25, 26 or 27 degrees on your natal or progressed chart?

Above-Sample chart for Crystal Quest Star Markings

Below - Sample Natal chart and Sample transit chart
for the Nov. 3 Starseed Radio Academy show.

Right-click on any of these images and select "Save Image" or "Save Target" depending on your computer. Save it to your PC, and then you can print if you like.


August Harmonic Starseed Gathering and
Crystal Dig in Arkansas!

August 19-21 and all starseeds are welcome!
Guest Tom T. Moore presents
"Atlantis and Lemuria: the Lost Continents Revealed"
Email: tammie at starseedhotline dot com to register



Next Pleiadean Line Up
November 16-19, 2016!

We did a special two part radio episode on Pleiadean Line Up on our Radio Show, which is available on demand at ( Part 1 ) ( Part 2 )

You can also see a slide interview below about a previous major Pleiadean Line Up event in Cairo, or read about the semi-annual event


NEW!! Arielle's music CD has just been released! A collection of 22 performances of the galaxy's most inspiring, activational music.

Click here!


NEXT Mercury retrograde:

Aug. 30- Sept. 21, 2016

Read about it here


NEW! Free eBook Previews
Quartz Crystals: A Celestial Point of View - by Lavandar
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50 Questions and Answers: A Celestial Point of View - by Lavandar
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Pleiadean Line Up Every May/November
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Listen and Learn about Pleiadean Lineup:
"The Story That's Never Been Told...Until Now"
Interview with Lavandar on "Pleiadean Lineup May 16-19 Nov. 16-19"
Pleiadean Lineup Part 1 mp3 audio
Pleiadean Lineup Part 2 mp3 audio
Seeing Pleiadean Ships mp3 audio

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 Interview with Lavandar: Pleiadean Lineup Parts 1 through 6






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